Group formed in 1992 in Wroclaw, Poland, from motion of Grzegorz Jurgielewicz stepping out under pseudonym "Anextiomarus" (electric guitar, bass guitar, vocals) and also Tom Barlog (drums). In this personnel band records demo entitled "The Dawn Will Never Come" (1993) and also several months later material promo entitled "Damned Majesty" into which diet's parties of keyboard instruments realized Robert Fudali pseudonym "Rob Darken". On breakthrough 1993 and 1994 Tom Balrog leaves the group whom replaces "Capricornus". To publish in 1994 their debut album entitled "Taur - Nu - Fuin" published by Astral Wings Records.

In short period of time after argues with "Anextiomarus" from Infernum go away "Rob Darken" and also "Capricornus". Who's got their projects. Soon after that "Anextiomarus" hangs Infernum's activity.

Year 2000 "Anextiomarus" together with guitarist "Renfas" ex (Oppressor) later guitarist (Thy Worshiper) create project called Dagon they realize recording of one album .

Officially in Winter 2002 Infernum renew activity in personnel "Anextiomarus" (vocal, electric guitar), "Charon" (drums), "Necromanticus" (electric guitar), " Wolf "( bass guitar), "Exterminus" (keyboard instruments). In 2004 year Infernum records album CD "The Curse" in 2006 year published by (Sound Riot Records).

At 7th May 2004 year died Grzegorz Jurgielewicz "Anextiomarus" commit suicide, which is after-effect of many years' disease (the schizophrenia).

In year 2009 Charon as well as Necromanticus depart from the band. Into Infernum comes back one of cofounders of band Tom Balrog

" Exterminus" - electric guitar,keyboard instruments
" Wolf " aka "Bael V.B" - guitar/bas guitar also (Baphomets Throne)
" Tom Balrog" - drums (1992-1994) ex(Oppressor) actuel name (Baphomets Throne)

Grzegorz Jurgielewicz "Anextiomarus" - composer, vocal, electric guitar (1992-2004) (Graveland)
"Rob Darken" - keyboard instruments (sessions) (1993-1996)
"Capricornus" - drums (1994-1996)
"Charon" - drums (2002-2009)
"Necromanticus" - electric guitar (2002-2009)